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Since 1989, our practice has focused on empowering each individual and family with understanding, tools and lifestyle habits to regain health, maintain wellness and continue their active lifestyle.  Dr. Robin Linster is the only Diplomate in Maine for Chiropractic Sports Medicine.

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The services offered at Active Balance Spine and Sports Care have been modeled after those offered to Elite Athletes as they are proven to be most effective.  We recognize You are each running the Marathon called Life and want to be your best as quickly as possible whether you are an athlete, parent, office worker or passionate lover of life.

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We are currently accepting new practice members like you!  Whether you need a ‘tune up,’ have lost hope, or want to rock your sport performance, call to book your appointment with Dr. Robin Linster.  Practice members receive exceptional care and inspiration to Live Your Live Deeply Connected. Powerfully Engaged. Gracefully Balanced!

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We live in a community of healthy, outdoor oriented, vibrant if not athletic individuals.  Each one of you has a vision for Your Life- a Life of Impact, Achievement, Love and Longevity.

Our Goal is to Help You Live Deeply Connected, Powerfully Engaged and Gracefully Balanced.

Dr. Robin Linster uses a unique 3-pronged approach that provides results!  Because your care is uniquely designed to best suit your needs, Dr. Robin uses a variety of adjusting techniques, soft tissue strategies, therapeutic modalities and therapeutic movement exercises and stretches.  She is also the only certified ImPACT concussion assessment provider for baseline and during concussions.  And because everyone who has a spine benefits from a clear nervous system, Active Balance Spine and Sports Care sees the value in the entire family being well adjusted- pregnancy, pediatric and beyond!

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Live Your Life Deeply Connected. Powerfully Engaged. Gracefully Balanced.

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Choose Active Balance Spine and Sports Care because you believe your best is yet to be.  Dr. Robin Linster has been exceeding the expectations of her practice members since 1989 in her compassion, her ability to laugh and her dedication to her skill sets and expertise.  She received her Doctorate in Chiropractic Magna Cum Laude  She is licensed in Maine, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.  Wanting to keep her weekend warriors and passionate lovers of life engaged in the pursuits they love, she knew the answers were in the type of care athletes receive. She obtained her Diplomate in Chiropractic Sports Medicine, of which there are less than 400 in the country.  Dr. Robin is the only Diplomate in Maine. She has the distinguished honor of achieving the Chiropractic Philosophy Award from her college and was named Sports Chiropractor of the Year by the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors’ Sports Council in 2013. Most importantly, she continues to hone her skills with her cutting-edge technique certifications and brings this right back to you.

Active Balance Spine and Sports Care offers practice members an experience unlike any other.  Each of You is Unique and Unrepeatable. You are welcomed into an atmosphere where you can choose to connect more deeply with yourself. You are asked to become more actively engaged in your movements and your lifestyle, and you are also given the tools with which to do so.  With her approach, your treatment protocols will change as you change.  Through this you move on the continuum of Healing, Wellness and Improved Performance. You will journey together learning to Balance Power and Grace in a way that is as unique  as You.

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Simply WOW! Dr. Robin is very kind and she was really helpful during my trip to Maine. The active release techniques work like a charm.


Alex C.

15+ years of care helping me enjoy all kinds of adventures!
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Christine B.


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